Straightlines Corporation
Tuomme resursseja IT projekteihin sekä liiketoiminnan digitalisoimisen ja sen johtamiseen liittyviin projekteihin
Straightlines is your resource partner in demanding IT, digitalization and business transformation projects

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Do you need experienced IT project manager? Do you have digital technology related projects in your business that need special attention? We give a boost to a new/digital business, create start-up programs and lead digital transformation for you.

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What do we do?

Business digitalization programs, internal entrepreneur/start-up development and business transformation programs. When needed, we lead change implementation programs and run business as interim managers .

Why choose us?

New technology implementations and business transformations are always complex in nature. The underlying causes can be related to anything from competence, motivation, working methods and technology to finances and competitors’ steps. With external change management based on strong evidence, multi-disciplinary experience and discretion deadlocks can be overcome .

Could you be our customer?

We work with top executives, CEO’s, Chairmans, Business Managers, CFO’s CIO’s

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This Is How We Work

Straightlines, management consulting - preliminary discussion

Opening the case

Confidenital two hours face-to-face meeting and discussion of the problem, followed by the sketching of a roadmap.

Straightlines - management consulting - troubleshooting the case


Short analysis and evaluation of the case from various perspectives like strategy, people, finances, technology etc. Solution planning and roadmap building together with your key actors.

Straightlines - strategy consultancy - strategy implementation


Beginning the agreed activites and leading their implementation, if necessary.

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Our Customers

Our portfolio
Demanding IT projects
Ramping-up new
digital services
Global SBA’s process-
and ICT harmonization
Post-merge implementation
and harmonization
New business
Global product
portfolio harmonization
level process harmonization
and implementation
Efficiency programs lead
SCM process and
ICT renewal
Digital leadership and
system implementation
KPI metrics and
strategy evaluations
Restructuring of
support functions
Implementation of
Lean Start-up methods
B2B Cloud Service development
Vendor and Supplier
network development

• Bonnier Publication Oy (Media) • Kemira Oyj (Chemical) • Metsä-Fibre (Pulp&Paper) • Sanoma Oyj (Media) • Nokia Oyj (Telecom) • Sonera Oy (Telecom) • Elisa Oyj (Telecom) • Valmet-Automotive Oy (Automotive) • Tammi (Media) • Haanpaa (Logistics) • Pankaboard Oy (Pulp&Paper) • Gainer Oy (Telemarketing) • Aurora Infrastructure (Energy) • Tieto Oyj (Information technology) • Orton Oy (Healthcare) • Rautaruukki (SSAB) (Manufacturing) • Vantaa Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (Public) • City of Salo (Public) • Finnish Tax Administration (Public)

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Company & People

Straightlines Corporation Ltd (2004) is a business consulting company focused on solving problems with demanding business projects and other crises.
Our clients are A/B-level executives with acute business problems or projects who need external change management.

Our operations are strictly confidential and we handle sensitive issues with tact and efficiency.
We work with experienced partners and if required, collaborate with them in the following areas:

HR and Recruitment Service

ICT, Web and Mobile Technology

Digital Marketing

Legal Services

Financial Administration


Sales & Marketing Development

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Contact us

Phone: +358 50 32 91 496

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